Multi Faceted Electronic musician Asma Maroof is driven by experimentation and sonic dualities creating new pathways.

Working across various forms of sound in the club, art, theater, film, and fashion realms; she wears many hats.

Her origins starting 2008 are in the underground club scene and touring with M.I.A in 2010 when they collaborated on her acclaimed Vicki Leekx Mixtape. She continued touring and releasing music with her partner Daniel Pineda under Nguzunguzu. In 2015 she released with group Future Brown and started her on going collaboration with the artist Kelela.

Now immersed in composing for film and theater she resides in Zurich, working at the Schauspielhaus Zurich since 2019 with Moved by the Motion artists Wu Tsang , Tosh Basco, and Josh Johnson. In 2023, she released an experimental jazz record on PAN called The Sport of Love with artists Patrick Belaga and Tapiwa Svosve.

Still inspired by her constant dj practice, sampling live acoustic instrumentation and manipulating it through tape and layering in electronics helps creates new sonic atmospheres for her many collaborations. Mesmerized by the connections sound makes internally, externally, and socially, she continues to explore its powerful storytelling capabilities, both behind the decks and on screen.